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Alexandre de Poplavsky was born in Paris on July 27th, 1991. He studied at the renowned University of Penninghen, from which he graduated in 2013 with a degree in Interior Design & Architecture. After obtaining his degree, Alexandre de Poplavsky decided to concentrate his time on developing his artistic career and signed his first contract with an established Parisian gallery. In 2014, de Poplavsky moved to London to expand his exposure and audience. While continuing to practice art, he completed a master's degree at the prestigious University of the Arts London in Interior & Spatial Design, furthering his architectural education. In the same year, he signed contracts with two galleries in London: French Art Studio and Walton Fine Arts Gallery. With the dynamism of the London art scene greatly boosting his popularity, de Poplavsky's works started to attract a wider audience. Besides Paris and London, he is now significantly represented throughout Europe, and abroad in South Africa with the TBG Gallery. He participated in multiple art fairs in Europe and the USA, such as Art Basel Miami, where he was represented by the French gallery Lagrange.

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